Audio Book Recording

Audio Book Recording services

Record your Audio Book on location using our professional Mobile Recording Studio. 

Audio Books are traditionally recorded in fixed studios.  This is great if you live in Central London but less convenient if you are constantly having to travel into the city, particularly as Audio books can take some time to record.  A lot of audio books can be around 20 hours in length so rather than being cooped up in a studio, why not read from the comfort of your own favourite arm chair.

Professional Recording Gear

Our Mobile Recording Setup uses the very best pro-grade microphones and pre-amps. When coupled with the editing and mastering capabilities of our studio this will result in your audio book being of top quality.

Key Points

  • Record from your comfort of your own home or office
  • We only use our own staff and kit
  • High Quality digital Audio guaranteed (recordings at 96/24)
  • Mobile Studio can set up anywhere in the UK

Services Offered

To find out more about our Audio Book Recording Services please call us today on 07855 275353 or click here to email us