Team Building Choirs

4 Part Music put together stimulating and motivational Team Building Events which use music and singing as part of Corporate Away Days, Conferences or Training events in the UK and throughout Europe.

What does a Team Building Choir Event involve?

Most people in business will be familiar with “Team Building”.  It’s a buzzword that’s been around a while.  Typical events include corporate golf days, going on outdoor training pursuits or walking challenges to name but a few.  If these sort of events fill you with dread then maybe there’s something new that you should think about.

How about doing some singing?  A choir is the ultimate team event – Choirs are not about singing at the same time, but about singing together. 

How will YOUR business benefit?

Research has shown that singing as part of a choir is the ultimate way of team building and working together.

  • Teams will learn to work together and co-operate on a whole new level.
  • Cost effective – can often be run in your offices during the course of a working day.
  • Staff will come away energised and keen to do something else new which leads to improved productivity and motivation.
  • By taking people out of their normal environment a singing workshop encourages creativity.

Benefits of a Musical Team Building Event

  • Brings People together and improves Team Work
  • More effective communication with your colleagues
  • Increased confidence
  • Greater creativity and innovation
  • Increased confidence levels
  • Boosted energy and feeling of well-being
  • Proven Health Benefits
choir event
Preparing for a team building event in Germany

How much does it Cost?

A team building event based at your office starts from just £399 plus travel expenses.

Further Information

Team Building Workshop (pdf Information Sheet)

For further information please contact us on 07855 275353 or email us via the contact page