Workplace Choirs

One alternative to a Singing Workshop is to form your own Workplace Choir.   This concept was introduced to the nation by Choirmaster Gareth Malone in one of his television series a few years ago.  Since then workplace choirs have become all the rage.

What is a Workplace Choir?

Technically, a choir is simply defined as a group of people who get together to sing.   So it follows that a Workplace Choir is a few people within a company who get together, either in their lunch break or after work, in order to sing together and do something different.

Benefits of a Workplace Choir

  • Brings People together and improves Team Work
  • Gives your company something different to be proud of
  • Choir can really boost company events
  • More effective communication with your colleagues
  • Great way of promoting your company and staff well-being
  • Shows you care about investing in your staff
  • Gives your employees Increased confidence levels
  • There are many Proven Health Benefits of singing

Our Experience

Working alongside Choirmaster Jules Addison, we have many years experience of setting up and running Workplace Choirs.  No matter how big or small your company, we can get your employees to sing!   The voice can be developed through singing because the skills required to deliver a song are the same skills that you need to communicate more effectively whether on your own or as part of a workplace choir.  Some of our clients include:

  • Lloyds Retail Banking
  • Dentons Law
  • ASK
  • Thames Water

How much does it Cost?

Workplace choirs can either be funded by your organisation, or in some cases the choir members pay a small weekly fee (around £4 a head).

workplace choir
Workplace Choirs don’t just have to be for Christmas, but this one at SACO in Bristol was exactly that! 8 rehearsals, 1 performance and hundreds of pounds raised for charity.

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