Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we are often asked.  If you have another question for us, please get in touch!

Where do you record?

4 Part Music record on location anywhere on the UK Mainland without any charge for travel.   If you would like to record somewhere further afield, we can accommodate this subject to travel expenses.

What is meant by ‘on location’ recordings?

Quite simply, we record at your venue, or a venue of your choice which can be anywhere in the UK.   We are not a recording studio – any reference to ‘studio’ on our website is relating to our production studio where we edit and master the audio following a recording session.

Can you help with Copyright Licensing?

Yes.  The type of licence needed will vary depending on what you are proposing to do with the tracks recorded.  We can help you through this minefield and make sure you obtain the correct licence for your needs.

What do we do about CD Artwork?

If you are producing CDs then our graphic design team can help you create the artwork.  All we need are some photographs / images and the text you want to include.  Our designers will do the rest and make it look fab.  Don’t worry you will get to approve any designs before they go to print.  If you prefer to do your own design then we can provide the necessary templates.

How long does it take to produce CDs after the recording?

Once the CD artwork is agreed and signed off, it usually takes about a week for CDs to be made and delivered to the customer.   For larger runs (1000 or more this may be a few days longer).   We will always confirm an expected delivery date as soon as we can.  If you have a particular deadline in mind, then please let us know before we embark on the production process.

Can we order more CDs if we run out?

Yes.  We keep all the data for the audio and artwork indefinitely on our back up servers so we can always create additional copies.  However, please note our minimum order of 100 units applies.  This is due to the printing costs of CD paper parts.  A single CD produced with all the artwork and booklet in a jewel case would cost in the region of £100!  If you are making a bulk order based on sales received then we would always recommend ordering a few extra copies just in case.  If you sell out and wish to order 50 or more CDs then we can provide CDs at the previously agreed price.

What is Post Production?

Post production is the process of turning the raw data (from your recording day) into a track which is ready to be published digitally or put onto a CD.  In very basic terms it covers editing (stitching one or more takes together) and mastering (combining various mono signals into a pleasing stereo image).  Often referred to as ‘the clever bit’.

What can you record?

At the most basic level we can record anything which makes a noise!  However, our company is set up to specialise in Choirs, Schools and Concert Bands (wind bands, brass bands etc).   We have on occasion recorded school ‘rock bands’ as part of a School album but this is not something we particularly focus on as a genre.

Are there any up front costs?

If you are a school then generally no – we will invoice you once the CDs are signed off for production.   For choirs, bands and similar groups we ask for a small deposit on booking (£100) to guarantee the date with the balance due by the date of the recording session.   Our payment terms will be clearly stated on your written quote or order confirmation.   If in any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact our finance team.

Will you match or beat another quote?

We take pride in the quality of our work not only when recording, but also in the time taken during post production to give you the best possible result.   Having said that, we also appreciate that price is an important factor in your decision making process.  Our aim is to ensure we are giving our clients best value for money and we constantly check to ensure our pricing is competitive.  Nevertheless,  if you can find a better price for the same quality of recording and service we will certainly look into this and adjust our pricing where appropriate.

I have a different question

If your question hasn’t been answered above then please do feel free to get in touch.  We are small company, & always happy to try and help our customers in whatever way we can.  Give us a call on 07855 275353 or if you prefer you can email us via our contact form.