Funeral Recordings

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Mobile Recording Services for Funerals carried out with care and discretion

4 Part Music offer a professional audio and video recording services for funerals throughout the UK.

Why record a Funeral?

In the majority of cases we are recording funerals for friends and family who are unable to attend the service in person. This might, for example, be overseas relatives or people with commitments which stop them from attending. Whatever the reason, we can offer a discrete recording service of either audio only or audio and video.  This can either be live streamed (subject to available data signal at the venue) or shared digitally after the event.

Graveside Recording


Key points

  • Discrete recording service carried out by experienced sound engineers and videographers with over 25 years experience of recording funerals and church services
  • Multi Mic Solution for top quality audio.  Each speaker will be given their own discrete lapel microphone to capture audio.
  • Professional Videographers will film discretely using a multi camera set up.
  • All live music will be captured.  Additional music can be added to the final output in post production.


Funeral Recording Services

How much does it cost?

Our basic audio recording service for funerals starts at just £250 plus travel at cost.   For video services and more bespoke solutions including additional music please contact us for further details.


Funeral Recording
Multi camera angle filming

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