Virtual Choirs

Virtual Choirs

Hear your choir as they should sound, even when they can’t sing together.  4 Part Music can help to bring your choir together in the virtual world.

In March 2020, 70,000 choirs in the UK were forced to move their activities online.  For the majority this meant rehearsals taking place over Zoom.  Ultimately Community Choirs are the ones who are suffering the most and finding the whole idea of online rehearsals and ‘virtual choirs’ extremely daunting.   With 18 years experience of working with choirs, 4 Part Music can help you bring your choir together in the virtual world.

Where to start?

For most choirs the whole concept of just moving rehearsals online has been one of a very steep learning curve.  Using video conferencing solutions such as Zoom (others are available) is all very well, but ultimately it doesn’t allow choirs to sing together and hear each other.

Whilst we are seeing an increase of ‘virtual choir videos’ appearing on You Tube there are still many choir members who are finding this dependence on technology wholly overwhelming.

Creating Your Virtual Choir

Our ethos at 4 Part Music is to take away the stress and help you embrace this new online world of virtual choirs.

  • Create Backing tracks from your score
  • Guidance on how to record your videos
  • Professional audio mastering
  • Video editing and production
  • Uploading of your video to You Tube


Meet some of Our Virtual Choirs

How much does it cost?

The world of video production can be expensive, and for many choirs the costs are prohibitive.  At 4 Part Music we understand how choirs work and so our virtual choir videos have been designed to be affordable.

Our all inclusive packages start from just £395

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