Podcast Recording

podcastRecord your Podcast on location using our professional Mobile Recording Studio. We offer Multi Mic setups to capture the whole conversation

Nowadays it’s very easy to record your own podcast using a £50 microphone and a free piece of audio editing software. So why would you want to call in the professionals?

Professional Gear

Our Mobile Recording setup uses the very best microphones and pre-amps which will give you the same quality you are used to hearing from your DAB radio.  This will enable your business podcasts to stand out in a crowded marketplace full of people recording on their mobile phones in noisy environments.

Services Offered

  • Script preparation
  • Voice over recording
  • Email newsletter to podcast conversion
  • Voice talent casting
  • Audio direction
  • Editing & mixing
  • Post production
  • Secure file delivery

Benefits of Recording on Location

Typically to get a professional recording involves travelling to a studio. Even a local studio involves taking time out of your business to get to and means you are restricted to their hours and availability.    By using our mobile recording service, we come to your offices at a time which is convenient to you and set up whilst you carry on working.  You literally can then come in to the recording space, record your podcast(s) and then carry on with your work moments later.

To find out more about our Podcast Recording Services please call us today on 07855 275353 or click here to email us